Working Order overview

Add products to your cart, and then access your Working Order to enter or update quantities before placing your order. You can also use your Working Order to save it as a draft, send it to others, review an Allocation Summary, and more.

Access working order

See the number of products in your cart and access your Working Order from the cart icon in the upper-right corner.

Cart icon.

If you previously saved an order as a draft, you can access it by going to Orders (from the left navigation menu) and selecting the pencil icon for that Draft Order. If you choose to edit, the Draft Order becomes your Working Order and you'll be prompted to confirm if you want to Replace Cart Contents. Learn more with Draft orders.

If you ever need to clear your cart, select the trash icon in the upper-right corner of any tab of the Working Order. Clearing your cart removes all products and order details (for example, Company, Notes, Discount, etc.). Otherwise, to remove individual products, while retaining order details, select the trash icon to the right of a product in the Products tab.

Clear cart.

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Order details

The Order Details tab lists the key information regarding the order, outside of the products.

Order Details.

As an important step, specify the Company and Buyer. Selecting the buyer for an order automatically populates the Sales Rep field with the buyer's Default Sales Rep or the sales rep who created the order. If the buyer is assigned to more than one sales rep, then another can be selected if preferred for that order. 

Keep in mind that if you're using View As a company and you select a different company for the order, product availability or pricing may be impacted.

If there's more than one available address, then select the Shipping Address and Billing Address. You may also have the option to select multiple doors for bulk orders.

The Order Number is automatically generated by NuORDER and counts up sequentially with each order. If needed, you can manually adjust it in the Order # field in the upper-right corner.

Additional options:

  • Brands may choose to enter (or even require) a Customer PO.
  • If offered and applicable, set a Discount or Surcharge for the order.
  • Specify additional recipients of the order confirmation email with CC Emails.
  • Brands may use Order Tags (example: LA Market) and Order Types (example: Prebook).
  • Add order Notes.

If the brand offers Order Export Templates, select Export in the lower-left corner and follow the steps outlined in Export and import orders.

When you're ready, select Next or the Products tab.

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The Products tab lists the key item-level information of your order.

Some brands offer two views in the Products tab: Line Items and Sizing View (beta). If not offered by the brand, the default view is Line Items, which you can learn more about in this article. If the second view is available, learn more with Sizing View in the Working Order (beta).

Products tab.

Note: If you would like to visually review your order’s products and configure groupings for subtotals, select the Change View icon (4 squares) in the upper-right corner of the Working Order. You can also use this view to identify stock issues, missing quantities, or duplicate products. Learn more with Optimize the Working Order

By default, products are listed in the order in which they were added. To better organize the items in your cart, use the Grouped by and Sort by options in the upper-left corner. View All Products or switch your display to select another option, based on the Grouped by selection. See Optimize your working order to learn more about ways you can organize the display of products and to also identify stock issues, missing quantities, or duplicate products.

If your order contains customized products, you have the option to Apply Customization for more products. See Ordering products with Customizations for details about this option.

Products tab.

Select a product's name to display the product details page. Your Working Order saves as you make changes, so you can navigate away from this screen to add more products if needed. Select the cart icon to return to your Working Order.

Enter or update size quantities for each item you added to your cart. If offered by the brand, you can toggle between Individual Sizes and a Size Grid view. Select Apply to Similar Size Groups to apply the quantities to any products in the working order with the same sizing conventions.

Enter sizes.

Use the options to the right of each product to specify the delivery type (example: prebook) and a delivery window date range.

Note: Some brands may offer a Promotion tied to a specific delivery range. Only the eligible product(s) within that range will receive the delivery date-based promotional discount. 

When you set the delivery for one product, you can choose to apply to multiple products. You can also select Add Product Again to add the same product to the order more than once or select the trash icon to remove a product.

Delivery and product options.

If offered, you can set a Discount for individual items in your cart.

If your discount is related to a Promotion that's offered by the brand, then you can see how much you’re saving with the original price in strikethrough text alongside the discounted price.

Discount with a promotion.

When you're done, select Next or the Order Review tab.

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Order review and submit order

Use the Order Review tab to preview your order before checkout.

Based on the brand's setup, you may see the option to pay with a credit card or a request to agree to terms and conditions. After entering or confirming this information, review the details in the Order Review tab and return to previous tabs if you need to make changes to your order. See Optimize your working order for details on alerts (example: missing quantities).

Tip: Streamline your buying process by securely adding credit card information in NuORDER. Learn more with Add and manage credit cards.

Order Review.

If the brand is using order splitting rules by delivery (or other criteria), then you’ll see a clear preview of each split, including the dates and totals. You have the option to enter a PO Number per delivery to keep your POs clearly labeled and easier to track.

Subtotals and totals

Your Working Order displays subtotals and totals.

  • Subtotal: The subtotal is the calculated price of grouped products or the applied discount of a product (if applicable).
  • Total: This is the overall total calculated price for all of the products in your order. If you have applied additional discount and/or surcharge to your order, then you will find the updated total price to include the discount and/or surcharge for your items.

Note: If there are discounts applied to the order or individual products, the discounted cost will display. Learn more with Order discounts.

Subtotals and total on Products tab.

Total in Order review.

More options

Before submitting your order, you have some more options in the lower-left corner:


When you're ready to complete the order, select Submit Order. You'll receive a confirmation email with an order summary and the order number for your reference.

Order Review.

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Additional resources

Learn more with Working order FAQ.

To review submitted or draft orders, go to the Orders tab from the left navigation menu. Some brands use order splitting. If your order qualifies, each split order will include a dash and a number at the end of those Order Numbers.

The below video walks through adding items to your cart and placing an order.

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