Sizing View in the Working Order

Depending on the brand, the Working Order may offer two views in the Products tab: Line Items and Sizing View. Each view offers a different approach to editing and reviewing product quantities and deliveries.

Note: If Sizing View isn't offered by the brand, the default view is Line Items, which you can learn more about in the Working Order overview. Brands can contact their Account Manager if they're interested in Sizing View.


Learn about Sizing View with the below video and the details in this article.

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Choosing a View option

From the Working Order, select the Products tab and use one or both views.

Product tabs.

View Description
Line Items The Line Items (default) view is recommended for orders with a small number of units or when you want to see an expanded view of each product and delivery.

Note: Learn more with the Working Order overview.

Line Items view.
Sizing View The Sizing View is recommended for orders with a large number of products and one or multiple deliveries or when you want to see a detailed view of product information.

Note: Sizing View supports bulk orders.

Szing View.

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Sizing View

The Sizing View offers configurable tables for reviewing items in your cart.

Reminder: If not offered by the brand, the default view is Line Items, which you can learn more about in the Working Order overview.

Use the Sizing View tables to review product details and enter quantities for each Size and Delivery. The tables are configurable.

Configure Sizing View tables

You can configure Sizing View tables in the following ways:

  • Reorder columns by selecting and dragging a header.
  • Sort by clicking a column header. Adjust the sort by selecting the sorted header’s Arrow icon 1. arrow icon. You can also use the Sort menu on the right.
  • Group by a column by selecting it’s header and choosing the Group by. Group by option. You can also manage your grouping with the right menu. Totals for groupings only display when the group contains more than one row.
  • Group by Delivery with the Deliveries icon in the upper-right corner. 
    • Enabling this Delivery mode allows you to utilize the Delivery group along with other groupings, such as Department, Category, and more.
    • When shipping to multiple locations, Delivery mode prioritizes grouping by Delivery first, and then by Location.
    • Sort and Filter by Delivery with column headers or the menu options on the right.
    • Grouped totals display the quantity and units based on the delivery group or selected filter.
  • Filter products by selecting a column’s Filter. filter icon and checking and unchecking options. You can also use the Filters menu on the right.
  • Search with the Search in cart field in the upper-right corner.
  • Collapse / Expand tables with the Arrow icon 2. arrow to the left of each product.
  • Show / Hide sizes or remove products in bulk by selecting the Checkbox. checkbox for each product (or all in the main header), and then using the Actions menu in the upper right corner.
  • Add columns from the Columns menu on the right, where you can also sort and filter columns.

Note: Brands can contact Support to include custom fields (small text, dropdown, and product lookup) as column options in Sizing View (for example, a dropdown to select a sleeve length).

Sizing View.

Manage products

Enter quantities on the Delivery or Size level. Quantities can be entered manually or with a copy (Ctrl+C or Command+C) and paste (Ctrl+V or Command+V) values from another table. Select the kebab menu for additional options:

  • Copy quantities: Copy all entered quantities of a product for that delivery.
  • Paste quantities: Paste the copied quantities, regardless of size group.
  • Paste quantities by size: Paste the copied quantities to related size groups.
  • Paste quantities to similar sizes: Paste the copied quantities for the product with the same size group across the whole cart (delivery / location).

Copy and paste options.

For Locations, select the kebab menu to Duplicate quantities. In the provided modal, choose the other location(s) you want to add those duplicate quantities to, and then select Duplicate.

Select a product to go to the Product Details page. Select a product’s kebab menu to Manage deliveries, View inventory, or Remove product.

Note: For bulk orders, removing a product removes it from all locations in your order. To keep the product in other locations, change the product order quantities to zero for the location you want the product removed.

Manage deliveries.

For orders that contain products with Customizations, users can select Edit Customization to return to the customization modal.

Edit Customizations.

Manage deliveries

On the product-level, you can select the kebab menu to Add, Edit, or Remove delivery. On the delivery-level (shown in the image below), you can Edit or Remove delivery.

Note: Remove delivery is inactive if there is only one Delivery. If a Delivery is no longer needed, you can remove it after adding another delivery date. Otherwise, you can just remove the product.

Edit delivery allows you to update an existing delivery date or add a new one.

Edit delivery.

When you're done, select the Order Review tab to complete your order. Learn more with the Working Order overview.

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Saving Views

While you’re logged in, if you go to a screen outside of the Working Order’s Sizing View, your configurations (such as columns and filters) will remain in place when you return. However, your configurations will revert to the default if you refresh the page or log out. You can always save your configurations as a View for future use.

Build orders with your preferred visible columns, groupings, and sorting, and then save these configurations as a View for future use. Select Views from the right menu, and then Save current view. Name this view and Save. Save as many Views as you want.

Note: Filters and search criteria are not saved, as these often vary for each order.

Save current view.

To access your saved views (or the provided Default), select Views from the right menu, and then choose a view. You can also Update or Delete a view by selecting the kebab menu to the right of the view’s name. 

Save current view.

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