Add products to your cart

Add products to your cart with or without quantities, and then access your Working Order to enter or update quantities before placing your order.

Start Order

Some brands offer a Start Order button in the upper-right corner of the screen, which is used to set up the Working Order before adding products to your cart.

If offered, select Start Order, enter order information, including Company, Buyer, Rep, and Currency. Some brands may also ask for the order’s Warehouse, Order Type, and Shipping address / Location. Some Order Types control the ability to choose shipping Locations or lock in All Locations Combined. If offered, Locations are unchecked by default.

Note: If configured by the brand, required fields in the Start Order screen are denoted with an asterisk. You’ll be prevented from starting the order until the required selections are made.

When you’re done, select Start Order.

Start Order.

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Add products without quantities

You can add products to your cart with Quick Add or while browsing in the Product Gallery, linesheet, or custom list.

Product Gallery, linesheet, or custom list

Browse products with the Product Gallery, linesheet, or custom list.

Add items to your cart by hovering over a product image and selecting the cart icon. The cart icon changes from black to teal when an item is placed in your cart.

Product Gallery.

You can also add multiple products at a time by select the product checkboxes and then using the kebab menu icon in the upper-right corner to select Add to Order.

Tip: When you select at least one checkbox, the Select All option appears in the upper-middle of the screen, which you can use to add all displayed products to your cart. Use the Filters on the left to narrow the list of displayed products.

Add products in bulk.

Quick add

Select the arrow next to the cart icon in the upper-right corner to access the Quick Add option. Use the Search products field to enter relevant product details (examples: product name, style number, SKU, etc.). As you type, items matching your search terms appear automatically. Select a product to add it to your cart.

Note: You can also select Quick Add from the upper-right corner of your Working Order.

Quick Add.

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Add products with quantities

Select a product from the Product Gallery, linesheet, or custom list to see its product details. Use the options in the upper-right corner to specify a Warehouse (if offered), enter quantities for sizes across one or more Delivery Windows, and then select Add to Order.

After selecting Add to Order, this button and the sizing table may become temporarily inactive, while the entered information is added to the Working Order. This occurs if the brand has enabled Show order quantities in Product Details.

Note: If the product is Customizable, then the quantities in the Working Order will not appear on the Product Details page. Go to the Working Order to see those quantities.  

Product details.

As you enter quantities for sizes, the totals for each Delivery Window display on the right (in the New Product Page Experience) and in the upper-right (in the original view). Some brands may also choose to show the available inventory.

Some brands offer an option on the Product Details page, where you can either select the cart icon to quickly add one or more Available Colors to your cart or select a swatch to specify quantities for that color when adding it to the cart.

You can also choose to Add All Colors.

Add colorways.

New product page experience:

New product page experience.

Original view:

Original product page experience.

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Next steps

See the number of products in your cart and access your Working Order from the cart icon in the upper-right corner. Check out our Working order overview for details on placing your order, saving it as a draft, sending it to others, and more.

Cart icon and accessing your Working Order.

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