Ship to multiple doors with bulk ordering

NuORDER’s Bulk Order feature allows you to use a single order to place separate orders against multiple doors. Bulk Orders can also be used as a way to indicate interest, if a brand chooses to make specifying sizes optional.

Activate bulk orders on companies

To get started, check if a company has multi-doors by navigating to Contacts, selecting a company, and then scrolling to the bottom of the screen to see if there’s multiple Billing & Shipping Addresses. Click Add Address to add more.

Billing and Shipping Accresses on Contacts.

Next, you can enable the Allow Bulk Orders setting on companies with multi-doors in a couple of ways (for many companies or for one company).

Activate many companies

If you want to update many companies with multi-doors, then consider using our NuORDER API. The API attribute is allow_bulk and the accepted values are True, False.

Activate one company

To activate Bulk Orders on one company at a time, navigate to Contacts, select a company, and click Edit Company from the upper-right corner. Toggle Allow Bulk Orders to Yes and Save.

Note: If you don’t see the Allow Bulk Orders option on companies, contact our Support team.

Edit a Company to Allow Bulk Orders.

Submit bulk orders

When submitting a Bulk Order, you can ship to multiple locations. Locations are based on the provided company details and the addresses selected in the Order Details tab of the order.

To select multiple addresses for your order, navigate to the Order Details tab, click the pencil icon for Shipping Addresses and make your selections. Select individual addresses or use the checkbox next to Description to select all addresses. Use the hamburger menu to the left of each location to reorder your doors for this order.

When you're done, select Save Locations

Edit Shipping Locations on Order Details tab.

Only the selected locations (in their chosen display order) appear on Order Export Templates (select Export in the lower-left corner of the Working Order). If offered by the brand, you can use an Order Export Template in a Vertical Multiple Deliveries format to download and upload your bulk order. The Order Details tab of this spreadsheet specifies the location for each delivery.

Note: See Export and import orders for more information about using Order Export Templates.

In the Products tab of an order, use the Bulk Order feature by selecting the + Add Sizing icon. Enter a number in the Bulk Units field to specify the maximum units to purchase for all locations.

Bulk Units field and Add Sizing button on a Bulk Order.

Use the Size & Quantities table to enter sizes. Submit units for All Locations Combined or By Location. If you only see All Locations Combined, return to the Order Details tab of your order to select multiple locations.

Note: If the Bulk Units field is hidden, then you are required to enter sizes into the Sizes & Quantities table. If the Bulk Units field is not hidden, then entering sizes is optional.

Size and Quantities table on a Bulk Order.

When you submit the order, it splits into separate orders and adds a suffix to the original NuORDER Order Number (examples: 1234567-1-A, 1234567-2-B, 1234567-3-C).

Require sizes on bulk orders

When placing a Bulk Order, specifying sizes is optional. If your brand works with an ERP that requires sizes, you can choose to hide the Bulk Units field to ensure you have all of the necessary details on orders. To hide the Bulk Units field, brands can contact our Support team.

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