Order min and max rules

Brand admins can define minimum and maximum rules for restrictions on orders.

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From the left navigation menu, go to Settings > Brand Admin > Settings > Order Min Max Rules.

Order Min Max Rules.

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Enabling Automatically Add Sizes makes it easier for buyers to place orders when you have rules for Size or Multiples Of, because it automatically sets valid quantities for sizes.

If you change the Automatically Add Sizes toggle to on or off, select Update Preferences to save your changes.

Automatically Add Sizes.

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To create a rule, select Add Rule, and then use the dropdown menu to select the Target Customer:

  • All Customers (default): Choose this option to apply the rule to all customers.
  • Single Company: Select a company contact.
  • Customer Groups: Select one, multiple, or all customer groups.

When you're ready, select Next.

Select customers.

In the second step, choose a Restriction Type:

  • Minimum: For example, the buyer must purchase at least 10 pants.
  • Maximum: For example, the buyer can only purchase up to 2 limited edition hats.
  • Multiples Of: For example, the buyer must purchase in multiples of 5.
  • Mandatory Buys: For example, if a buyer wants to order 1 item from a special collection, they must also order 1 from a different collection. As an other example, if the buyer wants to purchase 1 item in a collection, they must buy 1 of all the other items in the collection.

Select Next.

Select rule type.

Set the amount by entering the number of Units or select a Currency and enter the price (if applicable for the selected Restriction Type).

Note: For Mandatory Buys, NuORDER walks you through setting the restrictions before you set the amount.

Select Next.

Set amount in units.

Set amount in currency.

Set the Restriction Type (Order Level, Line Item Level, Size Level, or Custom Group), and then specify the restriction.

Select Next.

Set restrictions.

Enter the Error Message to display for users who don't meet the requirements of the rule.

Select Save.

Enter the error message and save.

Saved rules appear under Current Rules, grouped by the type. Select the kabob menu icon to Edit or Delete a rule.

Saved rules.

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Example rules

See the below image for example rules.

Example rules.

Have a question about orders? See our Working order FAQ.

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