Cancelled styles

Find and review Orders with Cancelled Styles, before dropping those styles from an order.

Note: Brand admins can cancel products by following the steps in How to cancel products.

Find orders with cancelled styles

Look for the teal dot on Orders in the left navigation menu. Hover over Orders to reveal the option to select Orders with Cancelled Styles (with a count of orders with cancelled styles).

Left navigation menu.

The Orders page displays an alert icon (alert icon) next to orders that contain cancelled styles. Select the alert icon for the options to View Order or Drop All.

Select an order with dropped styles.

Review before you drop styles from an order

Select View Order to look through the order before dropping styles. View a summary of the style(s) to be dropped, including total units being dropped and the value of the units.

You also have the option to send a message to buyers when the styles are dropped. On the Confirm Dropped Style page, you can select Include custom message in affected orders, then enter a custom message.  image__9_.png

Review an order with dropped styles.

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