Add and manage credit cards

Streamline your buying process by securely adding credit card information in NuORDER.

Who manages card information

Credit cards are managed at the buyer-level. A brand user can add a card for a buyer, but the brand can only remove the cards they added.

Note: When adding a card, the brand user must confirm that they’re authorized to add the card on behalf of the card holder and that they can charge payments to the card on orders.

Brands determine if credit cards are accepted on orders.

Add and manage cards

Hover over your initials in the lower-left corner and select Manage Credit Cards

We recommend adding cards to brand portals in the Manage Credit Cards section, rather than during the order checkout process (to avoid having to enter all the card information again).

Manage credit cards.

Select Add New Card to enter credit card information and the associated billing address.

Note: For security purposes, after a card is added and saved only the card's Nickname can be edited.

NuORDER accepts all Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards.

NuORDER also supports payments from international credit cards. For example, if the buyer uses an Australian card to place an order in USD, the order will be in USD, the funds deposited into your bank account will be in USD, and the cardholder's card statement will show a charge in AUD.

Note: Foreign exchange fees are applicable when using an international credit card to transact in a non-local currency. This is charged to the cardholder by the credit card issuing bank and merchant services provider.

Select Save Card to store your card information.

Enter card information and billing address.

The Manage Credit Cards page displays all saved cards.

Cards must be added to NuORDER and then to each brand for which the buyer can use cards. To associate a brand portal with the card, use the Select a brand dropdown. To disassociate the card from a brand portal, select the X icon to the right of the brand name.

Delete a card from NuORDER with the trash icon.

Note: If a brand doesn't appear after adding it to a card, then you may need to refresh the browser page.

Manage Credit Cards.

Security and your card

Your credit card information is encrypted and stored in a 3rd party vault. This means no one has access to your credit card information beyond the last four digits of the card. Your card is saved to your buyer profile, so it's accessible across brands you have relationships with and always available when you're in checkout completing a purchase (for the brands that allow cards).

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