Buyer Dashboard (aka Merchant Dashboard)

In the Buyer Dashboard, you can review your Brand connections, placed Orders, and a link to the NuORDER Marketplace.

Log in and get started

After your connection to a brand is approved, you'll receive an email with login credentials that you can use to access the dashboard.

  1. Using the credentials provided by NuORDER by Lightspeed, log in to:
  2. After you're logged in, you'll be brought to your dashboard. If you’re new to NuORDER, then you’ll be prompted to complete a couple tasks to help you get started, including:
    • Create a retailer profile to join the NuORDER Marketplace.
    • Discover new brands and make connections in the NuORDER Marketplace.
    • Browse and add products to your cart after connecting with brands.
    • Plan and submit your working order from your cart.
    • View, track, and export orders from the dashboard or the Orders page.

    Note: If you choose to dismiss these initial steps, you’ll still be prompted to create a retailer profile before entering the NuORDER Marketplace.

New user steps.

  1. Use the category links at the top of the screen to locate brands and discover new ones in the NuORDER Marketplace.

NuORDER Marketplace.

  1. Review your Orders and Brand connections.

Orders and Brand connections.

  1. To help you familiarize yourself with key features and processes, the dashboard footer offers links to pertinent articles.


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Brand connections

In the Brand connections section, use the tabs to review All connections, Connected brands, or Pending requests.

For each tab, you can use the sorting dropdown menu in the upper-right corner to sort by Created (Newest), Created (Oldest), Name (A-Z), or Name (Z-A).

Brand connections.

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The Orders section provides an overview of your orders. Select the Order # to see more details or select Re-order to start a new duplicate order.

Note: If you linked your Retail POS (R-Series) account with NuORDER, select the Order # to review the order details, and then export the order. Learn more with Lightspeed’s help center documentation.


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NuORDER Marketplace

Select The NuORDER Marketplace categories to discover new brands and make more connections.

NuORDER Marketplace.

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