Customer Service Code

You may be asked to provide a Customer Service Code to assist our Support team with troubleshooting an issue. This temporary code mirrors your settings and configurations, so the Support team can recreate and diagnose the issue.

Note: For buyers, see When to contact the brand vs. NuORDER if you’re uncertain about whom to connect with regarding your question.

Complete these steps while logged in as the user who is encountering the issue. 

  1. From the left navigation menu, hover over the user’s initials, and then choose Customer Service Code.

Left navigation menu.

  1. Select Customer Service Code to generate an alphanumeric value. Each time you select this button, a new code is provided and invalidates any previously generated codes.

Customer service code.

  1. Provide this Customer Service Code to the Support team as soon as possible because it expires in 4 hours.
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