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Note: Not all brands offer the Product Gallery or Linesheets to Buyers. Some brands place orders on behalf of a retailer, having their Sales Reps send PDFs based on Linesheets only visible to Brand users, which only allows Buyers to view their orders.

Browse products with the Product Gallery or Linesheets (also known as Catalogs).


Watch this video for a brief overview of browsing products.

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Select Products from the left navigation menu to access the Product Gallery, where you'll see the brand's full collection.

Product Gallery.

Select Linesheets (or Catalogs) from the left navigation menu to view Linesheets offered by the brand (examples: Fall Collection, Best Sellers, Prebook, etc.). Use the sort dropdown menu in the upper-right corner and the Search field in the upper-left corner to locate a Linesheet.

Note: The Search products link directs you to the Product Gallery (if available).


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Key features

Below are a few key features for getting around the Product Gallery and Linesheets.

Filters: Filter the product list (examples: by season, color, availability, department, or categories). Brands control which filters are available.

Select All: Select the check box on an item to see a Select All option in the upper-center of the screen. Click Select All to select every item in the Product Gallery or Linesheet. Click the circle again to deselect all.

Actions: Add the selected items to your Working Order, a List, a Linesheet, or Export.

Product Gallery.

Search: Search for products by entering a name, style number, or color.

Search products.

If you’re not finding the product(s) you’re looking for, select the Filter icon. filters icon to the right of the Search Products field and apply the Expanded search.

  • Standard (default): Displays results that contain terms starting with the entered search criteria. For example, enter “bow” to locate matches with the terms “bow” or “bowtie.”
  • Expanded (slower): Displays results that contain terms appearing in any part of the entered search criteria. For example, enter “tie” to locate matches with the terms “tie” or “bowtie.”

Note: Closing your browser resets your search type to Standard.

Search settings.

A No results found message appears if your search criteria doesn’t match any products.

No results found.

Working Order: Review, adjust, and submit your order by selecting the cart icon in the upper-right corner. The number next to the cart indicates how many items are in your current order.

Search and Working Order.

If a brand offers discounts through Promotions (beta), you’ll see a product’s original price in strikethrough text alongside the discounted price within the Product Gallery and Product Details pages.

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View options

Navigate the Product Gallery and Linesheets with multiple view options. In any view, select a product to see more details and images.

Icon View Description
Panel view icon. Panel The default option is Panel view. It offers columns of images and key product details.
Small Tile view icon. Small Tile If you want to scroll through many products at a time, select Small Tile view to display a grid of small product images with condensed details.
Large Tile view icon. Large Tile Large Tile view showcases product images in an expanded size, so you can see those details without having to zoom in on each image. With this expanded size, Large Tile is not available for mobile. Instead, we recommend Panel view for mobile devices.
Card view icon. Card Card view offers a horizontal display of small product images with key details to the right of each image.
Row view icon. Row If you prefer to see products in a single list, select the Row view.


Display of each view in the Product Gallery.

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Product details

In the Product Gallery or Linesheet, select an item to see the product details. The provided details may vary, depending on the brand.

Product details.

General Info: Item name, style number, department, division, wholesale price, MSRP price, season, category/subcategory, color code, color, and additional colors.

Availability: Availability/ship dates and order closing date (the deadline to get orders in for this product). If enabled in the brand’s settings, the Availability filter can be limited to only your assigned warehouse(s).

Available Sizes: If the brand published stock levels, you'll see the quantity available per size.

Add Product to your Order with Delivery & Sizing: If you want to add a product now, Use the table in the upper-right corner to select your ship start and ship end dates, as well as quantities for each size, and then select Add to Order.

Add a product to your cart.

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Product images

Hover over a thumbnail to see an additional view of the product. This is the second image in the list of media stored for the product, so long as it’s not a 3D image, 360 view, or video. Select a thumbnail to see additional details and all available media.

Note: Some brands may choose to not display a second view when hovering over a product image.

Hover over a product image to see the second image in the list of media.

Want to zoom in? Select an item to display the product details. Hover your mouse over an image or click the image to fully expand it. For expanded images, use your mouse’s scroll wheel to zoom in and out and click and drag the image to see more.

Zoom in on a product.

Note: Some brands may include a Watermark to product images, which can include standard text and unique identifiers (example: Company Code).

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