Working Order Overview

There are three NAVIGATION TABS in your working order:

1. ORDER DETAILS: Order number, retailer & buyer, billing & shipping addresses, notes, etc. 

2. ITEMS & DELIVERIES: Products, quantities, and ship dates.




You'll use the ORDER DETAILS tab to fill in customer information and other key fields.


Next, you'll move on to the Items & Deliveries tab to adjust quantities, apply discounts, add order notes, select warehouses, and add / remove styles.


Finally, the last tab is for Terms & Conditions. Here's where you'll copy in your brand's legal terms. There are no character limits and if your legal department likes to get really specific with the fine print, it will break onto the next page.



The Working Order on the iPAD uses identical tabs and fields. Here's how the Working Order will look in the iPAD App.


Order Details



Items & Deliveries



Terms & Conditions


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