Download a Payment History report

Using the Payment History report, Admins can download a CSV file with information for each transaction within a specified date range.

Access the report

If you're using Lightspeed Payments, go to Payments > Payment History.

Lightspeed Payments.

If you're using NuORDER Payments, go to Payments > Payments Dashboard, select Download Report in the upper-right corner, and choose Payment history.

Note: You can also access this report from Settings > Brand Admin > Settings > Payment History.


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Download the report

Select the Start Date and End Date for your report.

When selecting a date range, all captures against prior authorizations must include the date of the authorization in the Start Date because they are considered paired transactions. For example, if an authorization occurred on January 1 and the capture on January 3, then the start date should be January 1 or earlier.

To download the Payment History report, select Export.

The CSV file contains the following columns:

  • NuORDER Order Numbers
  • NuORDER Customer PO Numbers
  • NuORDER Transaction ID
  • Transaction ID
  • Gateway Transaction ID
  • Gateway
  • Client Transaction Token Ref
  • Client Invoice Ref
  • Reference ID
  • Payment Group Number
  • Type
  • Company Name
  • CC Card Type
  • CC Last Four
  • Refund Against
  • Currency Code
  • Amount
  • Shipping Charges
  • Order Charges (without shipping)
  • Date
  • Payment method (cc or ach)

Note: Keep in mind that the Payment History report does not include fees.

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