Send payment reminder emails directly to buyers

If you accept credit cards in your account, you can manually send payment reminders directly to buyers after an order is ready to ship and have them pay for the remaining balance.

Requesting a payment within NuORDER can be especially helpful if a buyer's order is ready to ship and any of the following conditions are true:

  • The buyer did not enter credit card information during checkout.
  • The buyer has no credit cards on file.
  • The buyer's card is expired (or has been declined for other reasons).
  • You prefer to have the buyer initiate their credit card charges.

For brands who want ultimate control of when to charge cards, we can customize this so that the payment reminder will only have buyers update their card information.

Requesting a payment manually

You can manually request payment on an order if all are true for that order:

  • One or more days must have passed since the ship start date.
  • The order is eligible to use credit card payments.
  • The Payment Status is not Paid in Full.

After these conditions are met, the Request Payments icon will appear alongside an order in your Orders tab.

Request payments.

Select the Request Payments icon (or click on the vertical three dots and select Request Payment from the options that appear) and a notification will appear confirming your request. Click Send Email within this screen and your request will be sent directly to the buyer.

Send email.

To ensure you do not accidentally send too many requests for a single order, NuORDER allows you to send one payment request per order per day. If you try to send a second request on the same day, you'll receive a notification confirming a request has already been sent earlier that day.

Note: We typically recommend waiting till you are sure the item is ready to ship before requesting payment, to comply with payment processing rules (ship within 3-7 days).

Automatic payment requests (payments-integrated brands)

If your ERP is integrated with NuORDER and you are using API request payment, then payment request emails will be triggered automatically when your ERP looks to charge the buyer's card.

Specifically, if the buyer has no card on file at the time an authorization or capture request is made, or the card is declined for any reason (e.g. expired), a payment request email will be triggered automatically.

Similar to manual payment requests, NuORDER will prevent multiple emails from being sent on a single day to ensure your buyers are not inundated with requests.

For implementation instructions on how to call the endpoint directly, please share our request payments API documentation with your development team.

Example emails

When a payment request is sent manually, an email like the following will be sent:

Example email.

If an integrated brand experiences a failed capture on an order, an email like the following will be sent automatically:

Failed capture email.

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