Prebook FAQ

Q: How do I set up Prebook?

A: Watch these videos to see how to set a product as Prebook with the Inventory Data file or with Inventory settings. 

Inventory data

Inventory settings

Also check out the Prebook, immediate, and future availability overview for more information! 

Q: Why can't I view a product as Prebook?

A: If a product doesn't display as Prebook, then admins can adjust one or both of the following:

  • Inventory data
  • Inventory settings

Note: If you're a buyer and wish to inquire about a product being available for Prebook, please reach out to your Sales Rep directly.

Inventory data

From the left navigation menu, go to Settings > Brand > AdminData > Inventory Data and select Download in the Download Inventory section.

Search for the style number within the spreadsheet. If Prebook doesn't display in the Data column, add an additional line of data reflecting that this product is also available for Prebook


Save the spreadsheet and return to the Inventory Data page in Brand Admin to upload the updated file.

Inventory settings

From the left navigation menu, go to Settings > Brand Admin > Settings > Inventory Settings. In the Manage Prebook Fields section, review the fields that automatically list an item as Prebook (example: Spring [year]). The field value must exactly match your product data.


Q: What is the Prebook Expiration date? 

A: The Prebook Expiration date determines when the set Prebook window will lose its status as Prebook, and change into a normal delivery window (non-Prebook).

When creating Delivery Windows in Brand Admin Settings, if creating a Prebook window, there is an optional Prebook Expiration date. For example, if it is January, and a Prebook delivery window is created and set for October 1st - October 31st, but the Prebook Expiration is set for May 15th, then users would be able to add a product to cart as Prebook with this October delivery window from now (January) until May 15th, which is when this delivery window would become a normal (non-Prebook) delivery window. Thus, the last day this window is available as Prebook would be May 14th (the day before the expiration date).

Q: Can a product be sold out if it's listed as Prebook?

A: Using Inventory Settings, you can Hide Sold Out Products. When toggled on, sold out products don't display in the Product Gallery. However, if the product's availability is listed as Prebook, it won't be marked as sold out, because Prebook availability allows the user to order the product.

If you'd like the product to be listed as sold out, remove the Prebook availability for that product.

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