Prebook, immediate, and future availability overview

Product availability can be Prebook, Immediate, and Future.

Availability options

Consider these definitions when reviewing and setting up product availability.

  • Prebook denotes styles not yet in production and allows for unlimited future bookings.
  • Immediate indicates current stock on hand.
  • Future ties to specific dates of future arrivals or replenishments.

Note: Products may offer only one availability option (example: Prebook), or a mix of two or three.

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Reviewing availability

From the left navigation menu, select Products.

When looking through products in the Product Gallery, you can filter on Availability and other criteria. Select an image to see the product details, including availability and inventory.

Product Gallery.

Inventory depends on the Delivery Window and the selected Warehouse displayed in the upper-middle of the screen.

Each Delivery Window includes a label with the availability (Prebook, Immediate, or Future). To display another Delivery Window, select Add Delivery (below the size table).

Use the Inventory Arriving Table to review Total Units and Units Arriving by date.

Note: When reviewing products, inventory quantities don't display for Prebook. For Immediate and Future, inventory quantities display for each size.

Product details.

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Setting up availability

Specify product availability as Prebook, Immediate, or Future by following the steps in uploading inventory data.

Inventory settings for prebook

In addition to uploading Inventory Data, you can also set products as automatically Prebook by specifying product field values in Inventory Settings

From the left navigation menu, go to Settings > Brand Admin > Settings > Inventory Settings. In the Manage Prebook Fields section select Add new field. Choose a field (example: Seasons) and then select Add.

Add new field.

To the right of the added field, select the ellipsis icon and then choose Add value.

Ellipse icon.

When entering a value, it must match your product data exactly, including casing. When done, select Submit.

Add value.

Select Save Prebook Fields to finalize the set up.

Delete a field or add more values by selecting the ellipsis icon and choosing Add value or Delete. Remove a single value with the X icon to the right of the value name.

Additional options in the Manage Prebook Fields section.

For more information, see the Prebook set up steps in action in Prebook FAQ.

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Availability FAQ

Q: If a product doesn't have dates for when it's available (e.g. from January 1, 2024 to March 31, 2024), what is the product's availability?

A: When there aren't dates defining a product's availability, then the product's availability defaults to Immediate.

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