Customize dataflow mapping for Retail Partners

Brands who are part of the Retail Partner program can customize the data their buyers see in assortments by mapping their product fields and pricing in the dataflow.

Manage Data Sync

The dataflow mapping options are available in Brand Admin. From the left navigation menu, go to Settings > Brand Admin > Settings > Manage data sync.

Manage Data Flow.

Hover over a retailer to select Edit Mapping, and then expand either the Price mapping or Product data mapping menu.

Select a retailer.

Select a mapping option.

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Price mapping

On the Price Mapping screen, review the current configuration or set up custom pricing to override the retailer's default with a pricesheet or by applying a percentage discount.

For each Currency, choose a Price source and/or a Discount %. Discounts are applied to the wholesale price from the product data for all products, while the retail price reflects the original price from the product data. Applying a discount on top of a pricesheet has a compounding result.

When you’re done configuring the price mapping, select Save & sync in the upper right corner.

Price mapping.

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Product field data mapping

You can configure and add custom product field mappings to connect your unique product data fields to the retailer’s custom assortment fields. 

Note: Some field mappings are required and can’t be altered.

To configure a new mapping, select Add custom product field mapping, and then use the provided fields to select a Product field (data source) and an Assortment field (retailer display).

When you’re done configuring the product data mapping, select Save & sync in the upper right corner.

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Data sync (after completing size compliance)

After the dataflow mapping is implemented, Brand Admins can resync product data to retailers at any time. Consider doing a resync after making product updates (examples: SKU or UPC updates) to ensure those changes are pushed to retailer assortments. You can also resync as a troubleshooting technique if a buyer isn’t seeing an expected datapoint in their assortment or if prompted when working with NuORDER to adjust field mappings.

From the Manage data sync page, select Sync all data to initiate the resync across all of the listed retailers.

Sync all data.

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