Order Intents

Order Intents allow retailers to Retailers to provide order-level data from their assortments, such as total units and dollars, to Brands via the NuORDER platform. This helps solve a multitude of problems for both parties, including but not limited to:

  • Having to export, edit, and send assortments externally through email or another medium.
  • Sending sensitive information to brands.
  • Receiving assortments externally through email or another medium.
  • Working offline.
  • Difficult brand planning and complicated order analysis.
  • Time-management inefficiencies.

With Order Intents, brand users can access an overview of their assortments online within NuORDER, as well as export as needed for external analysis.

Note: Assortments on the Orders page are not actual orders. They represent Order Intents that a Retailer has shared with a Brand and should not be treated as a Purchase Order.

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Retailers Brands

When you’re ready to submit an initial Order Intent to a Brand, select the 3-dot menu in the upper-right corner of the assortment, then select Submit Order Intent.

On the Submit Order Intent modal, add the Brand contact (contact must be a user for the Brand) you want to send the assortment to, and you can optionally add notes for the contact to read. You can put anything you’d like in the Notes section, including information about the assortment or a simple message to the brand.

image (1).png

Select Submit Order Intent to send it to the Brand. You’ll see a confirmation note at the bottom of the assortment after you submit it.

When you submit, information available to brands includes:

  • Order intent ID
  • Product information
    • Product ID
    • UPC
    • Style Name
    • Style Number
    • Color
    • Color Code/Number
  • Date of submission from retailer
  • Total cost (wholesale)
  • Total retail cost
  • Total Units
    • Per Size, if available
    • Bulk, if no sizes available
  • Company
  • Buyer

Information not available includes:

  • Any retail-owned fields
  • Notes
  • Any fields overwritten by the retailer (i.e. if the retailer has changed colors and/or costs)
  • A breakdown of units/cost/retail by Door or Delivery

Note: Once submitted, you can only update Order Intents, not retract or “unsend” it, and the brand retains access to all versions of the file.

When you view the version history of an assortment, versions you sent as an Order Intent will be tagged accordingly for clarity on which version you submitted.

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