Use Purchase Orders in your assortment

NuORDER has introduced Purchase Orders (POs) as a new entity within Assortments. POs allow you to further specify how your assortment will translate into the final orders that will be submitted to your vendors.

If your retailer has been configured to use Purchase Orders, you will be able to define each PO number, ship date, and cancel date, as well as designate the products, locations, and units that will be associated with each PO. 

Assign doors to PO Groups

The first step will be assigning your doors to the relevant PO types. Your merchant admin has already worked with NuORDER to specify presets for the type of POs needed for your ordering. 

Within the Assign Door Labels modal, use the new Purchase Order column to tag each door with one of the preset PO types. Make your selections for each location using the dropdown menu or copy/paste (Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V).



Note: When you are mapping your doors, this mapping will be consistent across all deliveries that you have within your assortment. If you need to map a location to two different POs for any reason, you should do so in separate assortments.


View doors in the grid according to PO

Once your POs have been assigned to doors, you can view your doors according to each PO type via the Doors menu to Group Doors > Purchase Order. This will group your doors by their associated POs in your Grid view so that you can see the doors and unit totals planned per order. 

All order writing functionality, including writing units, reviewing against plan values, and rearranging door order, works the same for the PO groups as with other door groupings.

Define your PO details

Next, you’ll specify the top level information for each PO, including:

  • PO Number
  • Ship Date
  • Cancel Date

Click Doors > Define Purchase Orders to enter these attributes for each PO type x Delivery.


The POs that are listed in this screen correspond to the PO types that were selected and assigned within the Assign Door Labels modal. Those POs will be repeated for each delivery within the assortment so that you can designate the correct dates and PO number for each delivery’s orders.


If you need to make a copy of your assortment, you can choose whether or not to include these PO details in your newly copied assortment. Simply select (or deselect) the Include PO details option from the Copy Assortment modal.


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