Export assortment data to your retailer systems

Retailers can be set up with an export which sends assortment data from NuORDER to an external location to be picked up and ingested into their internal systems. Making the assortment data accessible externally will enable downstream processes such as Item and PO creation, and transmitting orders to vendors.

Export menu option sends data to your retailer

For retailers that have configured this type of export, once you have finished planning your order in your assortment and have reviewed the plan for accuracy and completeness, use the Export to {Merchant} menu option to export and send assortment data externally. The name of this menu option will correspond to your own retailer.



Your retailer’s engineering team will pick up these files and ingest them for use downstream.


Validate your data before exporting

Validation rules can be configured to alert you if your assortment is missing key data needed for your retailer’s downstream processes. After selecting Export to {Merchant}, if you are missing any required or recommended fields in your assortment, you will see an error popup message with this alert. 

There are two types of errors you may see:

Red error highlights signify that you are missing data that is required by your retailer. You will not be able to export without populating these fields. 

Yellow warning highlights signify that you are missing data that is strongly recommended by your retailer. If you are a user with the role of “Owner” in the assortment, you will have the option to override this warning and export anyway at your discretion. (Note: it is advised that you close the modal and populate the missing data.) Non-Owner roles cannot make this override, and will have to populate the recommended fields in order to proceed.



When you close the warning modal, the missing fields that were flagged in the alert will be highlighted in red or yellow. Keep in mind that the missing fields may be within hidden columns, inside the product details or sizing modal, or on the PO screen. 



As you populate the missing field, the highlight will disappear. 

The alert highlights can be reset by refreshing your browser, or otherwise reloading the assortment.

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