Upload UPCs into assortments

Retailers with size dimensions and Writer (or above) permissions on an assortment can easily move the buying process forward by uploading UPCs directly into an assortment, saving time and manual entry errors.

Download the template

If you need to upload UPCs into an assortment, you can download a template of all products/sizes with your current UPC data and relevant identifier columns. The export UPCs option includes all products in the assortment, including Special Make-Up (SMU) products.

The Size column in the export will be populated for all products:

  • Real vendor products will use Vendor Sizes.
  • SMU products will use Selected Sizes.

The downloaded template includes:

  • All rows.
  • Selected columns.
  • Brand Size.
  • All sizes (including those without units).

Note: If no columns are selected, the template will include the identifiers needed to match the style and color for your retailer.

In an assortment, select the kebab menu in the upper-right corner, then select Manage UPCs > Export UPCs to download the template and see which UPCs are missing from which products.


Upload your UPCs

Using the downloaded template, or a spreadsheet of your own, you can upload your UPCs into the assortment. This process includes all products in the assortment, including SMU products. 

Upload tips and requirements:

  • XLS, XLSX, or CSV only.
  • Maximum file size: 2MB.
  • Remove any additional columns that are not part of the import.
  • Make sure all column names are unique.
  • Non-editable columns will be skipped.
  • Products not included in your file will remain as-is.
  • For any product you are updating, be sure to include all sizes in your file.

To upload your UPCs:

  1. In the spreadsheet, review your current UPCs and populate any missing UPCs in the spreadsheet, then save the file.
  2. Back in the assortment, select the kebab menu in the upper-right corner, then select Manage UPCs > Import UPCs.
  3. Drag and drop your file containing the new UPC data to the file uploader, or select Click here to open your file explorer.
    Note: Be sure to follow the upload tips and specifications.

When the file and data is validated, you’ll see the new UPCs in the sizing table.

Data validation and possible errors

If there are any errors in your upload, the upload will fail and you’ll see an error message with a list of issues with your file. You need to fix the errors before the file can be uploaded successfully.

Possible errors include:

  • Wrong file type (XLS, XLSX, or CSV only).
  • Missing required columns (merchant identifiers, Size, UPC).
  • Required fields being blank (e.g. Size).
  • Matching products not found.
  • UPC values, if not blank, must be 12-13 numeric-only characters.
  • UPC values can’t be saved in scientific notation (e.g. “9.8+E10”).


Contact our Support team for help or feedback on uploading your UPCs into an assortment.

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