Manage distribution of bulk units

When planning assortments across multiple store locations, manually entering units at a door, door attribute, or delivery level can sometimes be tedious and time consuming. NuORDER offers a way for you to save time and frustration by easily distributing bulk or average units evenly across all doors or based on an existing target.

Manage distribution

Use the Manage Distribution option to distribute bulk or average units evenly across all doors or based on a target.

  1. In your assortment, select the Doors icon in the upper-right corner to turn on Doors in the Grid View. 
  2. Select the arrow next to the Doors icon, then select Manage Distribution.
  3. Here, you have three options: 
    • Even Distribution [default] - This is the default functionality that distributes all entered units evenly across visible doors. 
    • Targets - Choose an existing target to base your distribution on. 
      1. The target’s values are used to create a distribution curve. A distribution curve is the percentage based on the target value for each door divided by the total target value for all doors being distributed to.
      2. Keyed in units are then distributed based on this curve, with remaining units going to the highest-target-value doors.
      3. Fallback to even distribution: If bulk or average units are keyed in for a product that doesn’t match the selected product (i.e., you’ve selected a Target for the Class “Example Class 1”, but keyed in units for a product in Class “Example Class 2”),  the units will be distributed evenly to all visible doors.
    • Create new target - Will open the Create new target window, so you can create a new target. After you create the target, navigate back to Manage Distribution and select it from the dropdown. 
  4. When you’re finished choosing how you want to distribute units, select Apply.

    Note: If you’re distributing based on a Target, you’ll see a badge at the top of your assortment with the name of the Target. 

Entering units

After you choose how you want to distribute bulk units across doors and door attributes in your assortment, you can manually enter or change values in the Grid View. When you make changes to units across doors or door attributes, the units for that product row automatically adjust based on doors. 

Bulk or average units can be keyed or pasted in at all levels of an assortment and distributed to the visible doors under that level.

  • Units entered at the Assortment Total will distribute to all visible deliveries, attributes, and doors.
  • Units entered at the Delivery level will distribute to all visible attributes and doors underneath that delivery.
  • Units entered at the Attribute Total level will distribute to all visible nested attributes and doors.

Note: Entered units (or average units) distribute only to visible Deliveries, Attributes, or Doors. Making All Doors visible or no doors visible will distribute units to all doors in the assortment.

The Totals cells will always show bulk or average units for the whole assortment, and setting an individual door, attribute value, or delivery to Hidden will not remove the units from that door, attribute value, or delivery.

This allows you to “lock” or “freeze” units for an individual door, attribute value, or delivery, by entering those units first, and then hiding that individual door, attribute value, or delivery.

WARNING: When manually keying in bulk or average units, it is important to use ENTER on your keyboard to move vertically down to the next product. Do not use the TAB key until the grid finishes distributing. Keying in bulk or average units and pressing TAB before the grid finishes distribution will zero out the units in the next cell to the right.

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