Associating size packs with existing products

Note: This article is only applicable to brands selling to Bloomingdale's and The Bay retailers. 

After filling out a pack details template and uploading your pack data into NuORDER, it’s time to add those packs to the relevant products.

To associate packs with your existing products, you need to first download your Product Data Template. First, hover over the Settings icon in your left hand navigation and select Brand Admin.


Then, click on the Data section and select Product Data.


Once on the page, simply scroll down to the section titled “Make updates to your existing products in NuORDER.” Then, click XLSX next to “Download Your Data Without Archived Products (Horizontal Format)” to download a spreadsheet of your product data. 


Once you’ve downloaded your product data, you’ll see a few new columns for you to add pack details:

  • Pack Notes: Optional pack-related information you’d like your assortment buyer(s) to see for that product.
  • Pack Names '1 - undefined number': Enter a pack in each column that you would like to associate with that product. Keep in mind:
    • These Pack Names should match exactly the Pack Names that were created during your upload step.
    • Make sure the packs you're associating contain sizes that your product is available in. If a pack has sizes 5-11, the product must also have at least sizes 5-11. It's okay if the product comes in additional sizes that are not in the pack.

After editing your Product Data Template to add size packs to specific products, simply save the file, then drag and drop it into the upload box on the Product Data page. Your products will then automatically update with the appropriate changes.

Viewing associated size packs in product details

To confirm that size pack(s) have been successfully associated after uploading your edited Product Data Template, you can check the product modal from your product gallery or linesheet views.

First, hover over a product card and select the edit option.


Then scroll down below the sizing section to see a list of packs for that product.


Note: Products can be associated with multiple size packs. 

Need help?

Need help editing your Product Data Template or attaching products to a size pack? Just reach out to our Support team! 

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