Upload sizing information for Case Packs, Pre- Packs & Multiples

Note: This article is only applicable to brands selling to Bloomingdale's and The Bay retailers. 

NuORDER has developed a new feature for brands to share their case pack, pre-pack, and order multiple information with our retail partners through the platform. 

Updating this information will be done in two steps: 

  1. Creating packs within NuORDER
  2. Associating those packs to products

In this article we will review the first step, uploading your pack information into NuORDER. This step only needs to be completed once. Packs can then be modified or you can add new ones as you develop more.

Download your Pack Data Template

First, hover over the Settings icon in your left hand navigation and select Brand Admin.


Then, click on the Data section and select the new page Size Pack Data.

Click the Download button in the top right corner of the screen.

Filling out your Pack Data Template

Step 1: Open the 'Pack Data Template'



Step 2: Reading the Pack Data Template (sample below) 


  • Name (Column A) - Required*: Each pack name should be unique. Indicate the brand's pack name. This is required for pre-packs and case packs. Industry standards for the names of case packs include - 12A, 6RG, etc. Descriptive names for pre-packs include XS- L, 1-2-2-1. List out each of your packs in a separate row.
  • Pack Type (Column B) - Required*: Indicate whether the row item is a 'Prepack', 'Casepack', or 'Multiple'. Please use only these words in the pack type field. 
  • Units Per Pack / Multiple (Column C): This column is for either the total units that will be included in the pack or the multiple that will be used depending on what you entered in the pack type column. This is the total number of units. 
  • Case Pack UPC (Column D): Indicate the UPC for the case pack. Individual size UPC's can be uploaded in the product data template. This column can be left blank for pre-packs and multiples
  • Brand Identifier (Column E): If your brand has its own unique identifier from your system that you'd like to upload into NuORDER, please indicate it here. This is not a required field. 
  • Archive (Column F): Will allow you to archive the case packs if you've uploaded them and no longer need to use them in the system.
  • Size Columns '1 - undefined number' (starting at Column G): Indicate the smallest size that is included in the pack in the first size column. List out the subsequent sizes that are being offered in the pack in the other size columns in size order. You can add as many size columns as needed for the pack. Please make sure to number them in the same format as the template. For multiples, include 'ONE SIZE' in the Size1 column.
  • Quantity Columns '1 - undefined number' (starting at Column H): There must be a populated quantity column for each size. Indicate how many units of the corresponding size will be included in the pack. List out the units for each size that you are indicating in the 'Size' column. You can add as many quantity columns as are needed for the corresponding size columns. If there are no units for a specific size, please indicate '0'. For multiples, include the order multiple in the Qty1 column.

Step 3: Fill out the template and save it to prepare it for upload. 

Upload your pack data into NuORDER

After you've populated your Pack Data Template, you're ready to upload the file into NuORDER. 

First, return to the Size Pack Data page where you downloaded the file. At the top right corner of the screen, select the Upload button. An upload modal will appear where you can click to select your saved file from your computer, or drag and drop it onto the grey square to begin the upload.


Your file will take a few minutes to process, so rather than waiting on the screen, you'll receive an email once it's done. Make sure to check the email to see whether or not the packs were processed and uploaded successfully.

In the body of the email, you'll see:

  • error_count : # - This will tell you the number of rows (packs) that contained errors and therefore were not uploaded to NuORDER.
  • success_count : # - This will tell you the number of rows (packs) that were successfully created.
  • summary_log : link - This link will allow you to download a report to review your errors. You will have to correct these errors in the file, resave it to your computer and upload it again in order to create the packs in your portal.

After you've successfully uploaded your packs, you can again return to the Size Pack Data screen and refresh to see the grid update with your size pack information. Each column in this table is sortable so you can easily come back for reference. Once your packs have been loaded, you're ready to update your products so your buyers can use them in their assortments!


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