Manually adjust sizes and units in your assortment

This article focuses on making changes to your size units after you've sized your assortment. To learn more about how to size your assortment, see here. To learn more about resolving sizing errors in your assortment, see here.

Though the two sizing lookups (Find Size Ranges and Apply Size Curves) are designed to automate, streamline, and improve your sizing process, there are a number of ways that you can adjust or override those lookup results if you need to make changes along the way.

Choose or adjust your Selected Sizes

After clicking Find Size Ranges in the assortment menu and populating your Selected Sizes, you can add or remove sizes as needed.

  1. Double-click into the Selected Sizes cell to open the popup
  2. Here you will see a dropdown that shows the matched Size Range
  3. If this range is incorrect, or one was not automatically found, open the dropdown to select a different one
  4. Once you have chosen the Size Range, you can check or uncheck any of the sizes to select only the ones you wish to buy

Manually add a new size 

In addition to choosing from the sizes within your selected Size Range, you can also add a new size by typing it in manually. This is helpful in situations where the vendor is offering a new size that is not yet a part of your retailer's sizing data.

  1. Double-click into the Selected Sizes cell
  2. Scroll to the bottom
  3. Select the +Add size link
  4. Type in the missing size


Manually adjust units in the Cart Details Page

Within the CDP in the sizing table, at the top of each door column you’ll see two numbers separated by a slash ( / ). The left number is a sum of the size units within that door, and the right number is the bulk that you entered in the grid. These two numbers will match if you sized your assortment and it was successful with no issues.

To manually update or adjust the curve distribution, it’s as simple as clicking into a cell that you would like to change and typing the new value.


Override manual changes and reapply your size curve

Note when you manually make edits in the CDP sizing table, your curve and status fields will update to Manual. This means that if you re-run sizing by clicking Apply Size Curves again, it will preserve the manual changes that you made and you don’t need to worry about losing your work.

If however you do want to re-lookup and apply the size curve:

  1. Return to the grid
  2. Highlight the cell in the Sizing Status column
  3. Press delete on your keyboard
  4. Click outside of the dropdown that opens
  5. Use the checkbox to the left of the image to select the product row
  6. Open the menu
  7. Click Apply Size Curves

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