View and export UPCs in your assortment

When you're ready to move forward on placing an order, the UPCs are often a critical piece of information that your team will need. While this isn't part of your buying and decision making process, it may be important to verify that UPCs have been provided.

Review UPCs in your Assortment

UPCs are stored at the size level in the vendor's data. To view the UPC associated with each size, your retailer must be configured for size level data in your Assortment setup. 

1. To view UPCs, first make sure that your Selected Sizes and Units per Size are populated, either using the automated size curves or manual sizing process. 


2. From either the Grid or Tile view of your assortment, click on an item's thumbnail to launch the full-screen detail modal


3. When the modal is open, you will see the sizing grid for the item, which includes a column for the UPCs. 


4. If your Merchant is configured for it, you can manually enter size-level data within an assortment and override those fields if a brand hasn’t provided the data or provided incorrect or incomplete values. 

This applies to the following fields, which can be found within the Cart Details Page: 

  • UPC
  • NRF Size Code
  • NRF Size Description

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean if the UPC is blank for a size?

If the UPC is blank, it either means that the vendor did not provide a UPC for that size yet, or the size was manually added in your assortment and doesn't exist at all in the vendor's data for that item.

My vendor said they uploaded the UPCs -- why don't I see them?

Try syncing the product data in your assortment. When you "sync product data" this will include any new or updated UPC data.

How do I see UPCs for ALL products in my assortment?

You'll need to use the export method -- see below.

Export your Assortment with UPCs

If you want to view UPCs for all items in the assortment, or extract the data to send onward to your downstream systems, you'll need to export to Excel.

1. Filter your assortment to the items you need UPCs for.

2. Click the assortment menu > Export


3. In your Export options, select Include Door Units and Include Sizes.


4. The export file will automatically include the UPC column for each size. 


Note: If your export is a CSV, make sure to Import the data into Excel as text rather than double-clicking to open it in Excel. When you quick-open a CSV in Excel, Excel will try to format all your data as numbers which can result in UPCs, numeric sizes, style numbers or color codes losing their leading 0's or getting formatted as scientific notation. The file generated from NuORDER will always provide this data exactly as it exists in the system.

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