Capture size bulk units in an assortment

After a market appointment, you need to let your vendor know which products you intend to order and what sizes and quantities you’ll need. While it’s often required that you submit this intent to your vendor quickly so that they can begin producing and manufacturing the products, you may not have finalized your location plans yet. 

Now there’s a way to capture the size bulks that you’ve shared as your “soft commit” at this point in time so you can refer back to them later when you’re ready to reallocate and submit your final order.

Capture size bulks

Once you’ve selected your products and sized your order, open the menu in the top-right corner of your assortment header, click on Capture size bulks and select the status tag you want to apply.

Note: Before Capturing your size bulks, make sure you’ve allocated all products and resolved any sizing errors

To help ensure you’re committing the right items, a pop-up window will appear summarizing the number of unique products you’ve selected, the total number of units included in your assortment, and the total cost and total retail price of these units. If everything looks correct, click Capture.


Capturing bulks takes a snapshot of the units per size per product at that point in time, and ties them to your current assortment version. Clicking capture will:

  • Update your current version with a status tag in the header, next to the assortment name
  • Update the current version with a status tag in the version history
  • Populate the Captured Bulks column in both the Grid and the CDP


Remember, once you make any changes to your assortment and a new version is saved, the assortment tag will disappear from the header, but it can always be found in Version History for reference. Your Captured Bulks column will keep those captured units no matter what other changes are made in your assortment.

Remove or override captured bulks

If you’ve tagged your assortment by mistake or need to make additional changes, you can also remove this tag by opening the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of your assortment header once more, clicking Capture size bulks and selecting Remove

Removing a tag is only an option if you are still in the tagged version of your assortment and haven't made any other changes since tagging. If you're no longer in the tagged version and you need to change the version that is captured, you can override your captured bulks by returning to the menu, clicking on Capture size bulks and reselecting the status tag. The same pop-up window will appear, this time asking you to confirm that you want to override your captured bulks before confirming.


And that’s it—you’ve successfully captured your intent to buy. Later, when you’re ready to reallocate and submit your order, you’ll be able to refer back to these captured size bulks to ensure your order aligns with your vendor commitment.

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