Adding notes to Door columns

When organizing and sorting Door columns, it can be helpful to add a text note to individual columns. For example, if a location is new, you may want to add a note saying something like “new store, use Door 3 as a comp”. 

To add a note to one of your Door columns, select Doors in the sidebar menu, then select Attributes. Click the kabob menu, then select Edit door groupings


In the modal that appears, you’ll see a column titled Notes. Simply enter text into this column to add it as a note for that Door. We recommend keeping notes short and to the point—1 to 2 sentences max—so they're easily visible within an assortment.


Once you’ve finished you can close this modal—your note will be saved automatically.

After a note has been added to a Door, a triangle will appear on the upper-right corner of the Door column header. If you hover over the column, your note will appear.


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