Exporting PO data from an assortment

Buyers can export assortment data from NuORDER to be picked up and ingested into their internal systems with just a few clicks. Specifically, it’s possible to export data for item creation and for Purchase Order (PO) creation. 

Exporting Purchase Order data

To create a PO export in an assortment, first select the items you wish to include on the PO export. If you want to export every item, first check Select All at the top of the Image column.

Next, click on the kabob menu in the top-right corner of your assortment. In the Export Items/POs section of the list, you'll see three options: Validate item data, Validate PO data, and Export Item/PO data. 

Before exporting item or PO data, we highly recommend validating the data within your assortment. In doing so, you can make sure your data is complete and accurate. Then, when you’re ready to export your data, you won’t need to spend any additional time resolving any issues.

After validating your PO data, click Export Item/PO data to continue.


In the window that appears, you can select which export type you would like to initiate. Click the option to Create PO then click Next.


Next, you will need to add any PO information required by your merchant. By default, you first need to choose the Dimensions for your PO(s), including Deliveries (e.g. January and February) and Doors. Once you’ve selected your Deliveries and Doors, just click Next to continue.


If your retailer requires any additional PO information, you can enter it on this screen. For example, you might need to add a PO description or a ship date. Keep in mind, the prompts for this screen may change depending on your retailers configurations. Once you’ve finished adding any necessary additional information, click Create PO.


NuORDER will automatically re-run your PO data validation for the items you’ve selected before exporting them. For your PO export to send successfully, all items must pass validation. In other words, if any item has errors during validation then your entire export will be cancelled. Should an error occur during validation, you’ll need to follow the steps above once more, so we highly recommend validating your data before beginning your export.

Once all data has been validated successfully, NuORDER will automatically generate your export and send it to your merchant for ingestion. 

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