Validating an export and correcting errors

Whether you’re exporting item data or Purchase Order data from an assortment, we recommend regularly validating the data prior to exporting. This can help save time later and ensure that your export is successful on the first try.

Validating export data

To validate an export, first select the products you plan on exporting. If you want to validate every item, first check Select All at the top of the Image column.

Then, click on the kabob menu in the top-right corner of your assortment. In the Export Items/POs section of the list, you'll see three options: Validate item data, Validate PO data, and Export Item/PO data. If you want to validate item data, select Validate item data. To validate Purchase Order data, select Validate PO data.


After selecting a validation method, NuORDER will automatically check if the product data includes all of the relevant information required by your specific retailer for that export type. You’ll see a popup in the bottom left corner of your screen with the results of your validation.

Additionally, depending on your data, certain cells may automatically be highlighted during validation. If the data in a required column is inaccurate or missing, the cell will be highlighted red or yellow. A red highlight means the error must be fixed before being able to proceed with your export. If a cell is highlighted yellow, it’s a warning that you may want to double-check this cell.

Unlike red error highlights, however, a yellow highlighted cell will not prevent an export. And, depending on if you choose Validate item data or Validate PO data, a red exclamation mark will be added to the Item Status or PO Status column as well for products where any issues were found. 


Correcting errors

To correct an error, just update the data in the highlighted cells. If you’re unsure of what the error is, you can see the details in the Export Errors panel. There are two tabs in this panel for each type of export: Item and PO. 

You can access this area a few different ways:

  1. Click on the link within the popup at the bottom of the screen after you’ve validated
  2. Click view Export Errors in the kabob menu in the top right corner
  3. Hover over the error icon within the Item Status or PO Status column and click the link

If you use option 3 and open the Export Errors panel directly from a product’s Item or PO Status cell, you’ll see a filtered view of ONLY that product’s specific issues.

Once you’ve finished making corrections, feel free to re-validate to confirm there’s no remaining items that require your attention. From there, you’re ready to export.

You can get rid of the highlights anytime by simply refreshing your screen. The Export Errors panel, however, will always show the latest validation to run for each of these export types in their respective tabs so you can always come back and refer to them later

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