Receive retailer feedback in the Export Log

When you export item data or Purchase Order data, a record of your export will automatically be added to the Export Log within your assortment. Your retailer will then try to ingest your exported data into their own systems to be used internally. If they discover any issues with the export or the data, they won’t be able to proceed until those issues are resolved. 

Your retailer can send error messages back to NuORDER to view within your assortment  so you can see and resolve those open issues all within the same tool.

Feed notifications

When Merchants send feedback to NuORDER as a part of the Item and PO Creation process, buyers within the assortment will receive a notification via the Feed (currently only for some customers).

Note: Existing Feed notification functionality applies (i.e. in-app icon).

Viewing export feedback messages

To access the export log, click the kabob menu in the top-right corner of your assortment, then select View Export Log.


Each export within the log will now display one of two export statuses at the top: Sent or Feedback Received

If the status of the export is Sent, it simply means your export has been sent to your retailer for ingestion. 

If the status of the export is Feedback Received, your retailer has sent you back messages for you to review. Click the link to view a list of errors, warnings, and/or information sent from your retailer. 


Reading your feedback messages

With the list of feedback open, you can see the message details while you work to resolve any open issues within your assortment. 


Messages can come in three different tiers to inform you of any action items:

  1. Error level - a critical message that requires action. 
  • For example, Item Creation was stopped due to an invalid UPC which must be resolved.
  • Warning level - a non-critical message that may require action. 
    • For example, Item Creation did happen, however there is some work needed in another system to reconcile discrepancies.
  • Info level - an informational message that does not require action. 
    • For example, a success message that the item was created with no issues.

    All messages are grouped by product so you can easily review and address all issues that are related to each other before moving on to the next item. Click the product grouping in the Export Feedback panel to jump to the product row in Grid view. This allows for you to work through the list of errors that require attention and quickly and easily find the associated row for you to edit or adjust without needing to scroll or search.


    You can also receive messages that are not associated with a product, such as an error with PO Header data. These are considered “export-level” messages.

    Have a long list of messages to sort through? Search specific keywords and terms, such as “UPC” or “error”, in the Export Feedback panel to narrow down the list of messages.


    You can use the Filter Grid toggle to filter down the Grid and/or Tile to view only the products that are related to the messages displayed in the Export Feedback panel. This toggle works in tandem with the Search bar, so you can search for a specific error message and turn on this toggle to view only the products with that error.


    Resolving issues and re-exporting

    After you’ve addressed all of the open items that were returned via your retailer’s feedback, you will need to re-export the corrected item or PO data back to the retailer. 


    • PO creation is all-or-nothing: If anything within your PO export contains errors, the entire export will fail and should be re-exported as a whole. Be sure to make the correct selections of products, deliveries, and doors when creating a new PO export.
    • Item creation happens individually for each product: If some items were successfully created while others failed, you will only need to re-export the failed ones after they’ve been fixed.
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