Adding a placeholder or SMU (Special Make Up) item

"We love this style but can you do it in blue?" 

"We just got this sample in today, it's not even in our catalog yet!"

Sometimes your vendor may present you with a new product that is not set up in NuORDER, or you may work with the vendor to develop an exclusive that does not yet exist. For these scenarios, you can create a placeholder ("special make up") in the assortment to start taking notes for that item. 

Creating an SMU

  1. In the assortment section, click the kabob menu (three dots) on the upper right side of your page and select Add Product > Create SMU.


    This will launch a modal for the item where you can enter information about your SMU.
  2. Fill out as much information as you have available about the item, including adding a photo if available.
  3. When you're done, select the X to close the window. The SMU item will be added to the bottom of the assortment. 

Note: If you want to create multiple SMUs, then you can do that in bulk using SMU import

Linking the SMU to a real product

Later, once the brand has added the item into NuORDER, link the SMU to pull in the brand's official data and imagery.

Note: This video is flagged for update. The first step has changed: click the kabob menu (three dots) on the upper right side of your page and select Add Product > Create SMU.

Brand-specific vs unassociated SMUs

Where and how you create an SMU will impact whether it is tied to a specific brand or not.

For single-brand assortments: All SMUs created will be tied to that brand.

For multi-brand assortments: SMUs created within a "single brand" view (when the top level brand filter is applied) will tied to that brand. SMUs created within the "All Brands" view will not be tied to any brand until the product is linked, and they will only be visible in "All Brands" mode. 

Best practice guidelines for Internal assortments:

  • If you are adding an SMU for a brand that you are already working with, create the SMU within single brand mode.

  • If you are adding an SMU for a new brand that is not yet in NuORDER at all, you can create the SMU in All Brands mode.

If you're not sure whether an SMU is tied to a brand or not, look for the NuORDER Brand ID column in the assortment Columns tab. If this field is populated, it is tied to a brand. If it is blank, it is unassociated and will only visible in "All Brands" mode.

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