Sharing an assortment

Assortments can be shared with team members through NuORDER to allow them to access the assortment and collaborate with you in real time. Our permissions feature allows you to grant different levels of access, depending on the actions you want the user to be able to do. Assortments can be shared with users within your retailer/merchant organization, or with users at the brand, depending on the assortment type.

A Multi Brand (previously Internal) assortment can only be shared with other users from within your retail or merchant organization, because it may include multiple vendors.

A Single Brand (previously External) assortment is assigned to a specific vendor, and can be shared with users from that brand as well as internal users from your organization.

  1. Select Share Assortment.
  2. Choose to share internally or with a brand. 
  3. Type in the email address of the person you'd like to add to the assortment.
  4. Select the permission level for the person you are adding, then select Grant Access

Organizer: An organizer has the ability to make any changes to the assortment, share the assortment with other users and control their permission levels, and delete the assortment. 

File Organizer: A file organizer can make edits to the assortment, add or remove items, enter or delete notes and units, change the assortment name, sync product data, and (if applicable to your retailer) view and modify the financial door plans.

Writer: A user who has edit privileges will have the ability add or remove items from the assortment, enter or delete notes and units, change the assortment name, and sync product data. These users will not have the ability to share the assortment, delete the assortment, or view financial door plans. 

Reader: A user will view only privileges will only have the ability to view the assortment. They will not be able to make any changes to the assortment.

See more details on each permission level. 

Modify permissions or remove a user

After the assortment has been shared, you can return to the Share Assortment modal anytime to modify a user's permission level or remove them from the assortment. 

Modify a current user's permissions

Select the drop-down menu to the user's name. This will open the permissions, where you can select a different level, including removing access completely (unsharing the assortment). 
Note: Inactive users display (Inactive) next to their name in the Manage Access screen.



Can an assortment have more than one Owner?

Yes, an Owner can assign Owner permissions to any user. There is no limit to the number of Owners on an assortment.

When you "sync product data" do the changes reflect for everyone?

Yes, syncing the data will reflect for all users in the assortment. Users with Own, Manage, or Edit permission can sync the data. 

Can I remove myself from an assortment after I've been added?

If you have Manage, Edit, or View permission, you can leave the assortment to disconnect from it and remove it from your Assortments list. If you are an Owner, you must ask another Owner to remove you. 

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