Selecting your doors or deliveries when creating a new assortment

If your retailer plans the buy per door (or other criteria like deliveries) NuORDER may set up those criteria as special "dimensions" for your assortments. Assortment dimensions have extra functionality and can be expanded and collapsed in the grid, grouped, and filtered to visualize the items planned for each door/delivery.

Anytime you create a new assortment, you'll be prompted to select the dimensions that you want to work with in that assortment.

Selecting your assortment deliveries

When you see a dropdown for Deliveries, this means you have the option to plan your buy for multiple deliveries without adding the item to the assortment multiple times. Instead, each item will only exist on one row in the assortment, with a separate set of door columns to plan the units for each delivery.

By default, all deliveries will be selected. Click to check or un-check specific deliveries you want to display in your assortment.


When you go into your assortment and bring doors into view, you'll see a set of doors automatically grouped for each delivery. Just like door groups, you can expand and contract each delivery to see the total for that delivery.


Selecting your assortment doors

When you see a dropdown for Doors, this is your chance to limit your assortment to the doors you need. For example, if you only buy a particular vendor for certain stores, you can set up your assortment to only include those doors.

By default, all doors will be selected. Click to check or un-check specific doors you want to display in your assortment.


Don't worry -- you can adjust the doors in your assortment if needed. If you made a mistake with the "Start Assortment" settings or your brand strategy has changed and you want to buy for another door, follow these steps to modify your selected doors. 

To re-select your doors:

  1. Within the assortment, click Doors > Assign door labels.
  2. This will open the door configuration modal, which includes a column "In Assortment" indicating whether each door is currently displayed in your assortment.
  3. To show or hide a door, click into the "In Assortment" column and change the No -> Yes, or vice versa. 
    Screen_Shot_2020-06-01_at_6.24.31_PM.png Keep in mind if you change a door from Yes -> No within this modal to remove it, any units written for that door will be removed from your assortment.
  4. Close the window to go back to your assortment. Your door changes will be reflected immediately. 
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