Move an assortment or folder to another location

Moving items into the correct folders is a key component to keeping your assortments organized. If you're using shared team folders, you'll most likely want to move assortments from your personal My Drive into those shared folders.

Who can move an assortment or folder?

To move an item (folder or assortment), you will need to have Organizer permission on the folder where that item lives. If you have permission, you’ll see the Move action in the menu for that item. You will always have permission to move items located in your My Drive.

Move an assortment or folder:

There are a few easy ways to move items in Drive:

  • To move a single item, just right click on it and select Move in the menu that appears.
  • To move multiple items at once, first select all of the items you want to relocate. Then, click on the kabob menu for one of the items and select Move.
  • If you prefer, you can also click Move in the menu at the top of your screen after selecting all relevant items.

When the screen opens, the folder navigator will show the current location.

Then, it's time to navigate to your desired location. You can either:

    • Double-click on a folder in the list to navigate further into that folder.
    • Click Home to go into another top-level drive space (e.g. My Drive or Shared).
    • Click on a folder in the breadcrumb heading to navigate up to a higher level.
      If you see an ellipsis (...) in the breadcrumb, click on it for a dropdown of previous folders.

When you've settled on a location, click Move.
To choose a location as the destination for your move, you will need to have Writer permission or above. If you have permission, the “Move” button will be active and you can select it. If not, the “Move” button will be disabled until you choose an authorized location.

Why am I prompted that some users could lose access?

What happens to user access and permissions when you move an item:

When you move an item (assortment or folder), any user permissions which were inherited from the parent folder will always be replaced by the folder-level permissions of the new location.

For users who had access set directly on the item itself, it depends on the type of move:

  • When moving between locations within the same drive (e.g. within the Shared merchant folders, or within your personal My Drive): Any user permissions set directly on the item will travel with it, including external brand users. 
  • When moving from one drive to another (e.g. from My Drive to a Shared folder, or vice versa): The permissions will undergo a full reset. Any user permissions set directly on the item will be removed, including external brand users. Users can be re-added directly to the item after the move if they still need access.

After moving your item, you can Manage Access to add or upgrade user permissions directly on the item.

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