Create your own custom shortcuts

A shortcut is a customized "pointer" to an item in the Drive. Shortcuts can be used to access frequently visited items in fewer clicks.

Shortcuts can be created for any item in Drive (i.e. assortments, folders, whiteboards), and placed anywhere in Drive where you have Write access or above.

For example, if you work every day with your team in a shared folder, you can make a shortcut to that folder and put it in My Drive.

Creating a shortcut

  1. Right-click on the item you want to create a shortcut to then select Create Shortcut.

  2. Choose the location where you'd like to place your shortcut. The location will be My Drive by default, but you can place the shortcut in any location where have Writer access or above.

  3. Select Create and your shortcut will be created in your specified location.


Working with shortcuts

  • Click to open a shortcut. This will open the target exactly as if you clicked on the item itself.
  • Performing actions on a shortcut: Right click or click on the actions kabob to see the available menu. You can perform the same actions on a shortcut that you can for other drive items, including Move or Rename. When you perform an action on a shortcut, you are not impacting the item itself, just the shortcut.
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