Adding all products to an assortment from a linesheet or custom list

Add all items from a vendor's linesheet into your assortment in a single click! You can add all items within a linesheet, or limit your additions to a specific search within the linesheet.

Add all items from a linesheet

1. In the Shop area, navigate to the linesheet.

2. Select the kebab menu (three dots) in the upper-right corner of the Linesheets panel, then choose Add all products.


3. All products from the linesheet will be added to your assortment (at the bottom), in the same order as they appear in the linesheet.

Add all search results within a linesheet

If you only want to add a group of items from the linesheet, use the product search or filters to narrow down your results before doing the bulk add.

1. Navigate into the linesheet.

2. Enter your search term or filter from the left-hand side.

3. Once your search results have updated, select the kebab menu, then choose Add all products.

4. All items in the search results will be added to your assortment, in the same order that they appear on screen in your Linesheet search.


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