Configure the displayed data in the Shop area

There is a default set of common data that displays as you browse products to add to the assortment. You can also configure the Shop area to display specific data of your choice based on your unique needs.

For example, if you are shopping for Canada, you can choose to see Cost/Retail in the relevant currency, allowing you to not only see the value of products in the Canadian Dollar, but also saving time by not adding products that aren’t offered in that region.

Configure your Shop view

  1. In the Shop area of an assortment, select the kabob menuConfigure Shop View
  2. In the Configure Shop View screen, choose the fields that you want to display on each image tile.
  3. Select Apply



Q: What fields can I choose?

A: You can choose any field from the assortment schema, and it will be the same options you have when configuring the tile view

Note: Only the fields that are driven by brand data will be useful, as any buyer-driven fields won’t have anything populated yet.

Q: Can I choose formulas? 

A: Yes, you can choose formulas! If the formula is driven by brand data it will display (e.g. markup %). If the formula relies on a buyer to fill in data, then you likely won’t see any result yet.

Q: What are the options next to Show Cost and Show Retail? 

A: In addition to choosing whether to display Cost and Retail, you can choose which specific price from the assortment you want to display for each one. If you choose a different currency, it will automatically display the currency symbol for your selected price.

Q: Can I reset my view? 

A: To reset your view back to the default view, select the kabob menu > Default Configuration.

Note: Settings also reset if you leave the page.

Q: Why am I not seeing my changes?

A: If the product has not synced from the brand’s catalog, we may not have the data you selected available yet. Instead, you’ll see an alert icon and the default data. 

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