Move or copy items from one assortment to another

Sometimes delivery dates get pushed back, meaning an item has to be pushed out of one season’s assortment and into the next one. Or you may have a strong seller that you want to reorder again in the future. In these cases, you can copy items from one assortment to another.

You can also copy items from an assortment being shared with a vendor (an external assortment) to an internal assortment to visualize the buy across multiple vendors.  

Copy rows from one assortment to another

This action is easiest if you have both assortments open in separate tabs or browser windows, especially if you no longer want the items in the original assortment. Open one tab/window with the assortment you are copying from, and another tab/window with the assortment that you are copying to.

 Pro Tip: Hold down the Ctrl key (on PC) or Command key (on Mac) while clicking the main “Assortments” link to open your assortments list in another tab.  

  1. In the first assortment: Select the rows you want to move/copy using the checkbox.
  2. In the bulk actions toolbar, click the icon to “Copy Items
  3. In the second assortment: Right-click anywhere in the assortment grid, and click “Paste X items” (It will show the number of items you copied).
  4. The items will be added to the very bottom of the assortment, along with any notes, photos, and product links that were already entered.


To remove the rows from the first assortment:

  1. Go back to the first assortment. Your items should still be highlighted from your checkbox selection.
  2. In the bulk actions toolbar, click the trash can icon to “Delete Items”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What gets copied over to the new assortment?

A: All data and images will be copied with your selected rows. This includes vendor data and images, manually entered notes, buyer-added photos, and links to products.

Q: Can I copy/move SMUs?

A: Yes. If the item was an unlinked SMU, it will copy as-is to the new assortment, including any notes or photos. If you copied the SMU and kept it in both assortments, you will need to link the SMU individually in each assortment (i.e. linking the SMU product in one assortment will not automatically link it in other assortments).

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