Using undo and redo in assortments

You can undo and redo using standard keyboard shortcuts:

  • Undo: Command-Z (Mac); Ctrl-Z (PC)
  • Redo: Command-Y or Command+Shift-Z (Mac); Ctrl-Y or Ctrl+Shift-Z (PC)

What actions can I undo?

You can only undo/redo your own actions. If another user is also working in the same assortment, their actions will not be impacted by your undo's (but they'll see the changes you are making).

Undo/redo applies to edits made within the body of your assortment:

  • Typing
  • Deleting
  • Copy/paste
  • Rearranging items using drag & drop (in grid or tile view)
  • Adding a single item to the assortment

 Undo/redo will not impact:

  • Visibility and arrangement of columns
  • Sorting and filtering
  • Grouping and pivots
  • Sharing and permission settings
  • Bulk adds from a linesheet (but you can easily bulk delete if you made a mistake on a bulk add)

Your undo history will reset when the assortment page is loaded or refreshed.

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