Setting custom default values in an assortment

When adding products to an assortment, each product may require some of the same identifying information to be included (such as the buyer number or department). To ensure this data is accurately added across multiple product rows without having to manually copy and paste unique data into each cell, we recommend setting custom default values for your assortment.

When you set custom default values in an assortment, NuORDER automatically copies these values into any new product row you add to your assortment.

How to create default values for an assortment

To set up custom default values in an assortment, first click Show default row at the top of your screen. 

The default row will then appear with an empty field for each column in your assortment.


To set a new default value for a specific column, click in the text box under the column and add the correct information. You do not need to add a value to every column—if you leave a cell blank, it will be blank for any new product you upload.

And that’s it. After entering your custom default values add a new product and your default values will automatically populate the appropriate fields for that product.


If you change your default values at a later date, it will only affect future products added to your assortment. Any product already added to your assortment will not be affected when you change your default values. 

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