Notifications: Keep track of changes to key fields

Data is frequently changing -- prices are getting refined, NRF catalog data is getting added, and expected ship dates can change with production. As this information changes, you may need to take action and adjust your buy accordingly. 

The "Updates" sidebar in the Assortment will keep a log of any changes that happen to key fields, and the "Notifications" bell on your Assortments list page alerts you to new changes. 

The fields being tracked are focused on the most important attributes that impact your buy, as well as downstream processes like allocation and item setup. Anytime one of these fields changes, you'll see it logged in the Updates feed. The fields tracked are configured per retailer and will typically include:

  • Cost
  • Retail
  • Color
  • NRF Color Code
  • Size Range
  • Available Date

You'll also see when a new user has been added to the assortment, and when an SMU has been linked.

Viewing the Updates feed

In the upper right corner of the Assortment, click on the "Updates" icon.


This will open the side panel with the feed of changes.

In each feed message, you will see:

  • Who made the change
  • What was changed, including the before/after values
  • Which product was changed
  • When the change was made



How supplier-Initiated changes are tracked 

When a brand has made changes to their data, those get pulled into the assortment when you (or someone from your buying team) clicks Sync product data. Whoever clicks the sync button will be shown as the person who made the change. 

If a brand user has editing access to an external shared assortment, they can click Sync product data or make manual edits.

Changes that were the result of a data sync will show a DATA SYNC label in the feed.



Viewing the notifications alert

When there are new updates in an assortment, the Notifications bell icon will show a green dot.



Click the bell icon to view the Notification summary. Your notifications will be grouped by brand, by assortment, and will show who made the changes and how recently they were made.



Click on a Notification summary card to view the assortment changes.

This will automatically open that assortment in another browser tab, with the Updates panel open. If the assortment includes multiple brands, the view will automatically be filtered down to that brand for both the assortment and the Updates feed.



Unsubscribe from an Assortment

If you're done working with an assortment and no longer want to receive notifications for it, you can unsubscribe from the alerts.

To unsubscribe, click the kabob menu (three dots) for the assortment and select "Suspend notifications."


Re-Subscribe: If you have already suspended notifications for that assortment, you'll have an option in the menu to Opt in to notifications.



You can also subscribe/unsubscribe using the kabob menu within the assortment.

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