Creating and assigning hashtags

Hashtags can be added in any of the product fields in your assortment. If you use hashtags to capture your buying strategy for the season, you'll be able to filter and search by hashtags. You can then slice and dice your assortment by hashtag to visualize your buy.

Work with your DMM and internal team to define a set of hashtags to use each season. Once a hashtag has been added to a product field, the hashtag will auto-populate as you type next time!  

Add your hashtags in your notes.


Start typing in the hashtag sign, and a list of the hashtags used previously will appear.


Helpful Tips

  • Click on a hashtag link in a note to filter the entire assortment with items containing that hashtag.
  • Searching by multiple hashtags will result in items that contain all of the hashtags (results display by 'and' not 'or').
  • You can export search results by hashtag by filtering and using the Export button. 
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