Saved Views overview

Need to use a certain set of columns, or perform the same analysis on a regular basis? Saved Views allow you to save your favorite assortment configurations for easy one-click access. 

Saved Views apply to:

  • Columns (visibility and position)
  • Row groupings, including values
  • Pivots
  • Filters, including Door/Delivery filters
  • Search terms, including hashtags
  • Sorting
  • Door column settings
  • Targets (in configured for this feature)

Create a new Saved View

Set up your desired view with your visible columns, groupings, values, or pivots.

On the side panel, select the Views tab.


Select Save Current View, then name your view and save it.  

Your view will be added to the list. 


Access a previous Saved View

To apply a Saved View, simply return to the Views tab and click on the view name. Your assortment will automatically reflect that view.


Update, rename, or delete a Saved View

To make changes to a saved view, click the kabob menu on the view. You will see three options:

  • Save As – Allows you to re-save the view under a new name.
  • Update – Re-saves the view with your current configuration of columns/groupings/pivots. Use this if you saved a view but want to make changes to it.
  • Delete – Removes the saved view from this assortment


Return to Default

If you want to return to the default column view no pivots or groupings applied, click the Default view to reset your assortment.


Reset the Default view

If your retailer adds new fields to the assortment setup, those fields will automatically be added to the end of existing assortments. To make the new fields jump into their designated spot, click "Reset" on the Default view. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do saved views apply to “Tile View” mode?

A: Yes! You can use Saved Views in both “Grid View” and “Tile View” modes – regardless of the mode you were in when you saved it. While column positioning won’t have any impact in Tile View, row groupings and values are powerful tools for Tile View and we highly recommend using them. After applying a saved view, you can flip back and forth between Grid View and Tile View modes for data vs image-based analysis.

Q: Can I save a view for the "Review" screen?

A: Yes! If your retailer is set up with the "Review" screen in your assortments, this will include a "Views" sidebar tab where you can create saved views. 

 Q: Who can access my saved views? Will I see other team members’ saved views?

A: Saved Views apply to the assortment. All users who have access to that assortment will be able to see and click on the same list of Saved Views. This means when one team member creates a saved view, it will be accessible to everyone else in the assortment.

Q: When I apply a saved view, will it change the view for other users who are working in the assortment at the same time?

A: No. The saved view will apply only for you, and will not impact other users.

Q: Do I have to recreate my saved views on every assortment?

A: Yes and no. Saved Views are tied to the specific assortment, which allow you to save different views according to your buying strategies which may change from one season to another. However, when you copy an assortment, it will copy the Saved Views as well. This allows you to reuse views from one assortment to the next without needing to create them from scratch. We recommend setting up a "template" assortment with your views to use as your starting point to copy for new assortments.

Additionally, your retailer may have set up Merchent-level saved views which will automatically appear on every new assortment across your organization.

Q: Can I create brand-specific views in an Internal (multi-brand) assortment?

A: Yes! While all saved views will be applicable to the full assortment, including all brands within it, you can create saved views that include a filter by brand.  Alternatively, use the Single Brand mode to quickly see the results for a specific brand.

Q: Are Targets included in my saved view?

A: Yes! For retailers configured with the Targets feature, user-level Saved Views support and include the state of the Targets and Targets Grid in the assortment.

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