Filtering and grouping in Tile View

To support working visually while analyzing your assortment, Tile View offers the same filters, sorting, and groupings from the Grid View.

Filtering in Tile View

There are 2 ways to filter in the Tile View.

Filter by a column in the grid, and flip over to Tile View to see the same filter visually. 

From the Grid View, go to the field you’d like to filter by and select the icon to the right of the field name. Uncheck the Select All option, and select the attribute you’d like to filter by, such as Black within the Color column. Then, when you switch to the Tile View, the visual assortment will maintain that filter and you will see only those Black products.


Use the Filter sidebar directly in the Tile View. 

To the right of the screen, there is a Filters option below the Columns tab. Using this feature allows you to see all of the assortment fields in a list view. Selecting the field you wish to filter by will expand that field and show you its filtering options, which are similar to those in the Grid View (checkbox, search or typed keywords). You can filter by multiple fields.


Sorting in Tile View

You can also sort your Tile View using any field from the assortment! Sortings applied in the Grid View will also hold through as you flip to Tile View to review visually. Or, use the Sort sidebar to apply a sort directly within the Tile View


Sorting in Tile View or Grid View

  1. Click once to sort Ascending.
  2. Click again to sort Descending.
  3. Click a third time to reset back to default.


Using groupings and pivots in Tile View

Analyze your assortment visually with more insight! Drag any column into the Row Groupings box to organize your Tile View. You can use nested groupings in Tile View to analyze the buy by multiple criteria (e.g. Month > Class). Apply Values to see the totals per grouping.


Any pivots or groupings that you configure in the Grid View will carry through when you flip to the Tile View.

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