Strikethrough pricing

Strikethrough pricing is the original cost that a brand sets for buyers for a specific product that shows as crossed out (“strikethrough”) when a discount, Promotion, or price sheet is applied.

This pricing method can display in the product gallery, linesheets, custom lists, the product details page, and the Working Order.

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In the Working Order, if a Discount is set for individual (or all) items in the cart, you’ll see strikethrough pricing on original (price sheet) and wholesale prices, with the discount price below.


If the discount is related to a Promotion offered by the brand, then you can see how much you’re saving with the original price in strikethrough text alongside the promotional price.

Note: Strikethrough pricing, when related to Promotions, only shows if it’s a product-level promotion, not order-level, and is only visible in the Working Order and Product details page after the product is added to the cart.

To turn on strikethrough pricing, contact your Account Manager. 

Note: Brands with volume pricing scripts will not be able to use strikethrough pricing.

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