Watermark images

Watermarks add a layer of protection to your product images and can include the same text on all Watermarks, as well as unique data attributes, like Company Code.

Watermark displayed on an expanded image.


To display a Watermark on images, admins can navigate to Brand Admin > Imagery & Media > Watermarking. If the Watermarking option doesn’t appear, contact our Support team.

Watermarking in Brand Admin.


Use the Active toggle to activate and review your Watermark, displayed with an example image on the right.

Note: The example image is generated by the system and can’t be swapped for another.

Watermark configuration settings.

Configure the content of your Watermark with these options:

  • Watermark text: Enter text to display on all Watermarks. Example: Copyright.
  • Data attribute: Customize each Watermark to the buyer by selecting an attribute. Examples: Company name, Company code, etc.

Each Watermark consists of up to three configuration selections. Combinations:

  • Watermark text only.
  • Watermark text and one (or two) Data attributes.
  • One (or up to three) Data attributes only.

Watermark text and data attributes.


Specify the color and opacity for the text and background of the Watermark or keep the default (displayed below), which is optimized for most images.

Watermark's text and background colors and opacity.


Watermarks display on the hero image in product details, expanded images, and downloaded PDFs with 2 or 4 images across.

Watermark displayed on an the hero image in product details.

Product details and expanded images

Select a product image to see the product details and a hero image with the Watermark. The Watermark also appears when expanding the product image to its full size.

You can access product details in multiple ways. As examples, select an image from a Custom List (shown below), an order, the Product Gallery, a Linesheet, etc.

Watermark on image from Custom List.

PDF download

Watermarks appear on downloaded Custom List and Linesheet PDF templates with 2 or 4 product images across.

Export PDF selections.


Q: Does the Watermark display on all images?

A: Watermarks only display on the hero image in product details, expanded images, and downloaded PDFs with 2 or 4 images across.

Q: Can I choose the example image when configuring my Watermark?

A: Brands can’t choose the example image. The product image is chosen by the system and displays your configured Watermark for preview purposes.

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