Media column in product data exports

The Media column in Product Data exports contains unique identifiers for each piece of media. This lets you copy and paste media between products, rather than manually uploading and linking them.

As an example way to export Product Data, select Products from the left navigation menu, use the check boxes to choose products, and then use the kebab menu in the upper-right corner to select Export.

Select products and export.

Choose a file format and view, then select Export

Choose a file format and view.

Open the downloaded file to review Product Data, including the Media column. Each row in this column contains unique media identifiers separated by commas.

Use the media column to copy and paste images to other products.

Use cells in the Media column to copy and paste individual identifiers or the entire cell from one product to another. The pasted media identifiers associate those media files with the corresponding product after you upload the updated Product Data file.

Tip: You can also use the Media column to unlink images in bulk.

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