Color swatches

Showcase the various colorways for a style with Color Swatches, so buyers can easily look through and order the available options.

What users see

Navigate through a product's swatches in the Product Gallery, Linesheets, Custom Lists, and within Product Details.

Product Gallery, Linesheets, and Custom Lists:      Product Details:
Color swatches in product gallery, linesheets, and custom lists.      Color swatches in product details.


Approaches and tips

Manage your swatches (hex or images) by navigating to Settings > Brand Admin > Imagery & Media > Color Swatches.

When entering Color Swatches, consider the following:

  • Entering hex values is the most common approach to providing Color Swatches. Also, consider entering solid colorways via hex values and patterns via swatch images.
  • Enter Color Swatches (hex or images) manually or in bulk.
  • Swatches are generally assigned at the color level.
  • Swatches appear in alphabetical order, after the 1st swatch.
  • Swatches don't appear if your product is only available in 1 color.

Tip: As a quick way to see which colors are missing Color Swatches, use the Value filter and select None. You can also select Export for a spreadsheet with all colors and their Color Swatch value.

Review missing color swatches.

Hex values

To add or update an individual hex value select the plus (+) icon for the color, choose Hex Value, enter the hex value, and then Save. If needed, select the trash icon to remove a color value.

Tip: Check out this resource for converting RGB color values to hex.

Add a hex value.

To add or update multiple hex values, select Export in the upper-right corner, which downloads a spreadsheet with all of your colors.

Bulk add hex values.

Edit your exported spreadsheet with these specifications:

  • Use the Hex Code column to enter hex values.
  • Don't include the pound symbol (#).
  • Make sure hex values are only 6 characters.
  • If you're not using a NuORDER Export file, put your color names in column A and your hex values in column B. The accepted file types are XLS, XLSX, or CSV.

Return to Settings > Brand Admin > Imagery & Media > Color Swatches and select Bulk Upload to upload your file.

Swatch images

To add or update an individual swatch image select the plus (+) icon for the color, choose Image, and then click and drag the file into the upload screen.

To add or update multiple swatch images, select Bulk Upload, and then drag multiple files into the upload screen.

Image specifications and upload tips:

  • Make sure that the image pertains to and is named exactly for the selected color.
  • Exclude all special characters in file names. For example, for the color black/white, exclude the slash and name the file blackwhite.jpg.
  • Accepted file type: JPG (only).
  • Image size: 300px x 300px.
  • File size: 70kb (max)
  • For the truest possible colors, make sure images are saved for web in the RGB format (Learn more about saving optimized images for the web.
  • Bulk upload: Use the Export option in the the upper-right corner to download a spreadsheet with all of your colors, so you can see their exact names when naming your swatch image files.
  • Bulk upload: You can upload up to 50 files at one time.

Upload a swatch image.


Q: Can I see which colors are missing a swatch?

A: Yes. Use the Value filter and select None or select Export for a spreadsheet.

Q: Can I remove the swatch assigned to a color?

A: Yes. Select the trash icon next to a color.

Q: Can I remove multiple color swatches at the same time?

A: Yes. Use the Export option to obtain a spreadsheet of your colorways. In the exported spreadsheet, remove the entered hex values or image files and then select Bulk Upload to import the saved file.

Q: How do I only show certain colorways for a product in a Linesheet?

A: In this case, just add 1 tile for the product. While the additional colorways aren't shown in the Linesheet in this scenario, the buyer can still select the product to see the available colors in the Product Details page.

Q: How do I display color swatches with multiple options (example: satin, wool, etc.)?

A: Reach out to the NuORDER Support team to discuss options for your unique scenario.

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