Company logo specifications

You can upload your company logo to several areas in NuORDER, creating a more custom experience for your buyers. 

To upload a logo to a specific area, follow the instructions listed below:

Branded login page

Buyers are automatically routed to your buyer dashboard when using your brand URL.


You can add multiple images to your buyer dashboard. If you upload more than one image, an automatic carousel effect will be applied to the page. 

To update the logo in your buyer dashboard, go to your Brand Admin settings, click Imagery & Media, then Branded Login.

Once on the page, you can supply logo images, full screen hero images, and a contact email (for users requesting access). 


Buyer Dashboard / Marketplace Profile

Upload new images to your marketplace profile to get buyers excited to connect with your brand & want to carry your products.


To upload images to this dashboard, go to your Brand Admin settings, click Settings, then Manage Marketplace Profile. These images must be at least 360x360 pixels and should be JPG or PNG files.



Brand logos

You can also upload specific images to use for your brand logos. You can apply specific brand logos to each of the following sections:

  • Dashboard picker
    • The thumbnail in the top-left of your dashboard.
    • Example:
    • Dashboard picker images must be at least 160x160 pixels and a PNG file.
  • Product placeholder image
    • The default image that appears if a product does not include an image.
    • Example:
    • Product placeholder images must be at least 160x160 pixels and a JPG file.
  • PDF / Email header
    • The image that displays in the header of emails and PDF exports.
    • Examples:
    • PDF / Email header images must be at least 340x55 pixels and a JPG file.

To upload brand logos, visit your Brand Admin settings, open the Imagery & Media section and click Custom Branding.

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