How to Create A Branded Login Page

Updating your branded login page have never been easier! With our new release, you may now update your branded login page though the ADMIN side of NuORDER.

Please follow the steps below for the proper update:

1.) Log into NuORDER

2.) Click on ADMIN

3.) On the ADMIN page, click on BRANDED LOGIN INFO.


4.) On the BRANDED LOGIN INFO page, please complete all the steps listed on the page.

5.) On the email field, you can input the email that you would like all request access inquiries to be sent. If you choose to leave this field blank, then it will hide the "request access" button from your branded login page.

6.) For the logo section, please follow exactly the image specifications listed on the page.


7.) You may now upload and update your background images by uploading them onto the "FULL SCREEN HERO IMAGES" section.


8.) Once updated, click SAVE at the bottom of the page.

9.) Refresh the page and your branded login page will be updated.


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